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Sweetness and Light
The Natural World
More of the Natural World
Of Romance

A Gentler, Kinder, Me

Freedom Comes
To those who will

Hello and thanks for visiting.  If you'll follow me into the waiting area we will be serving refreshments.  I hope none of you are allergic to peanuts or shellfish cause that's all we could find at BP.

On these pages you will find my most recent works, but only those of a lighter tone.  I will be redesigning my Bubblebath website and moving any appropriate stuff over here and if I get into a dark mood I will put that work over there.
Here you will find my artwork, poetry and short stories I've been working on as well as the usual eclectic mix of stuff I find on the net and think you'll enjoy.

Be happy while you're living, for you're a long time dead.
--Scottish Proverb